Björn lives with his family in Färjestaden. In early 2008, Björn suffered a severe brain hemorrhage. The
doctors at the hospital in Linköping believe that Björn’s age was a factor in helping him recover as fast
and as well as he has done. Björn, however, says that his own determination was the driving force.
Today, the wheelchair is not used as frequently, but more as an aid when Björn is to walk long distances.

Björn needs personal assistants around the clock and came into contact with Assistanspoolen
immediately after his stroke. Björn’s regular assistant helps him during the day on weekdays, while
Björn’s wife, Anette, is an assistant in the evening, at the weekend and at night when she is not at her
regular job. Anette’s eldest son, Claes, also works as an assistant for Björn. The family is very pleased
with the help they have received through Assistanspoolen and sees the company as a great support.