Assistanspoolen is a company that has been administering personal assistance since 1994. The company was started by Christer Ryder and Marie Jarleng because Maries daughter, who has a disability, needed personal assistance. Assistanspoolen has been part of the Hedera Group since September 2019.

For us, it is important that people with different disabilities receive the help they need to be able to live a safe and normal life based on their own circumstances. We are passionate about our work, because we have seen the difference that a good personal assistant can make. We think that everyone should have favorable conditions for self-determination, feel well and secure, and have a life that is as rich as possible. Our personal interest helps us in our work every day. Our managers are on hand and work closely with the client, relatives and assistants. Through regular meetings with the parties involved, there is a constant dialogue about the client’s needs and the assistants’ working environment.

Each client has an implementation plan that is set up together with the manager to ensure that the client receives what is needed. The implementation plan, which is updated and followed up continuously, ensures quality assurance of the work performed.

AS AN ASSISTANCE PROVIDER, WE ASSUME COMPLETE EMPLOYER RESPONSIBILITY: employer’s responsibilities, salary payments, accounts, employment matters, substitute employment, scheduling and assistance costs.


“To provide high-quality customized services to the healthcare and care sectors. To highlight and meet customers’ unique needs based on the professional approach of competent and committed employees.”


Our vision is to be a modern and innovative care company, growing steadily in a sector that Assistanspoolen is involved in developing.


Our core values ​​permeate the company’s daily work through its procedures and policies. By actively working on our business concept, we also implement our core values, which guide all the company’s decisions.

Our core values combine to form the Four Cs, which stand for Confidence, Commitment, Competence and Communication.

Assistanspoolen’s goal is to create good, long-term relationships between employees and clients. Communication between clients and competent, committed employees is of utmost importance in creating a frequent, amenable and open dialogue, which in turn creates good conditions for trust.